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Climate Change And The Oceans - Gauging the Legal and Policy Currents in the Asia Pacific and Beyond
Stock Code EE163, Edward Elgar 2013 Hardback 296 Pages Price USD 115.00
Ships in:3-4 days

Climate Change and the Oceans investigates the effects of climate change on the ocean environment and its implications for maritime activities, both globally and within the Asia Pacific region.

This detailed work draws together informed opinion from a range of disciplines to examine the impacts of climate change on marine and coastal areas and review legal and policy responses to the rapidly changing ocean environment.

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Handbook of Disaster Policies and Institutions - Improving Emergency Management and Climate Change Adaptation, 2nd Edition
Stock Code ROUT015, Routledge 2013 Paperback 216 Pages Price USD 55.00
Ships in:3-4 days

Disasters both natural and human-induced are leading to spiralling costs in terms of human lives, lost livelihoods and damaged assets and businesses. Yet these consequences and the financial and human crises that follow catastrophes can often be traced to policies unsuited to the emerging scales of the problems they confront, and the lack of institutional capacity to implement planning and prevention or to manage disasters.

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Climate Change And Indigenous Peoples - The Search for Legal Remedies
Stock Code EE158, Edward Elgar 2013 Hardback 616 Pages Price USD 220.00
Ships in:1 week
This timely volume explores the ways in which indigenous peoples across the world are challenged by climate change impacts, and discusses the legal resources available to confront those challenges.Indigenous peoples occupy a unique niche within the climate justice movement, as many indigenous communities live subsistence lifestyles that are severely disrupted by the effects of climate change
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Migration And Climate Change
Stock Code EE167, Edward Elgar 2013 Hardback 984 Pages Price USD 480.00
Ships in:3-4 days

In this important collection, Professor Hugo draws together key articles and papers by leading scholars and agencies which investigate the current and future effects of climate change on migration. Topics covered include the impact of climate change on the movement of people within and across countries, the economic and social effects of the forced displacement and resettlement of migrants, the flows of migration resulting from environmental disasters, the risks of conflict and the implications of climate change for vulnerable areas e.g. deltas, atolls and coastal regions.

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Climate Change And International Trade
Stock Code EE168, Earthprint Library 2013 Hardback 544 Pages Price USD 155.00
Ships in:1-2 days

Rafael Leal-Arcas expertly examines the interface of climate change mitigation and international trade law with a view to addressing the question: How can we make best use of the international trading system experience to aim at a global climate change agreement?

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Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change
Stock Code NOVA002, Nova Science 2013 Hardback 115 Pages Price USD 110.00
Ships in:3-4 days

This book examines global climate models that predict increases over time in average temperature worldwide, with significant impacts on local patterns of temperature and precipitation. The extent to which such changes present a risk to food supplies, farmer livelihoods, and rural communities depends in part on the direction, magnitude, and rate of such changes, but equally important on the ability of the agricultural sector to adapt to changing patterns of yield and productivity, production cost, and resource availability.

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Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation - Main Report
Stock Code IPCC0112, UNEP/IPCC 2012 Paperback 1076 / 500 colour illus Price USD 76.50
Ships in:1-2 days

This Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Special Report (IPCC-SRREN) assesses the potential role of renewable energy in the mitigation of climate change.

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Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation
Stock Code IPCC0114, UNEP 2012 Paperback 582 Pages Price USD 72.00
Ships in:1-2 days

The Special Report on Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation (SREX) was approved and accepted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on 18 November 2011 in Kampala, Uganda. SREX integrates expertise in climate science, disaster risk management, and adaptation to inform discussions on how to reduce and manage the risks of extreme events and disasters in a changing climate.

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Cities and Climate Change
Stock Code ROUT014, Routhledge 2012 Paperback 268 Pages Price USD 40.00
Ships in:3-4 days

Climate change is one of the most significant global challenges facing the world today. It is also a critical issue for the world’s cities. Now home to over half the world’s population, urban areas are significant sources of greenhouse gas emissions and are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

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Understanding the Earth System - Global Change Science for Application
Stock Code CAMB005, Earthprint Library 2012 Hardback 294 Pages Price USD 74.00
Ships in:1 week

Explaining the what, the how and the why of climate science, this multidisciplinary new book provides a review of research from the last decade, illustrated with cutting-edge data and observations. A key focus is the development of analysis tools that can be used to demonstrate options for mitigating and adapting to increasing climate risks.

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Visualizing Climate Change - A Guide to Visual Communication of Climate Change and Developing Local Solutions
Stock Code ROUT001, Earthscan 2012 Hardback 514 Pages Price USD 78.00
Ships in:1 week

Carbon dioxide and global climate change are largely invisible, and the prevailing imagery of climate change is often remote (such as ice floes melting) or abstract and scientific (charts and global temperature maps).

Using dramatic visual imagery such as 3D and 4D visualizations of future landscapes, community mapping, and iconic photographs, this book demonstrates new ways to make carbon and climate change visible where we care the most, in our own backyards and local communities.

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Climate Change Biology
Stock Code CAB002, CABI 2011 Hardback 304 Pages Price USD 138.00
Ships in:2-3 days

Climate change has moved from being a contested phenomenon to the top of the agenda at global summits.

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