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Global Forest Governance
Stock Code EE157, Edward Elgar 2013 Hardback 384 Pages Price USD 140.00
Ships in:3-4 days

Global Forest Governance provides insightful legal analysis of the current key policy trends and the challenges surrounding international forest regulation.

This book identifies the fundamental legal principles and the governance requirements of sustainable forest management. An analytical model for assessing forest regulation is created which identifies the doctrinal concepts that underpin forest regulation (justice, property, sovereignty and governance).

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Forest Management - Technology, Practices & Impact
Stock Code NOVA019, Nova Science 2012 Hardback Price USD 120.00
Ships in:3-4 days

In this book, the authors gather and present current research in the study of the technologies, practices and impacts of forest management. Topics discussed in this compilation include forest fire management; forest management systems and conservation in Madagascar; the effects of land use history and forest management practices in Southern Chile; forest conservation and land use planning in Kilosa District

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Orangutans and the Economics of Sustainable Forest Management in Sumatra
Stock Code 3964, UNEP 2011 Paperback 83 Pages Price USD 40.00
Ships in:1-2 days

Deforestation is responsible for approximately 17% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and is therefore a major contributor to climate change, but also to the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services and a direct threat to Asias great ape the orangutan.

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Collaborative Governance of Tropical Landscapes
Stock Code CIFOR0191, CIFOR 2010 Paperback 285 Pages Price USD 90.00
Ships in:1-2 days

This book provides a novel approach to governance relating to biodiversity and human well-being in complex tropical landscapes, including forests and protected areas. It focuses attention at the interface between communities and the landscape level, building on interdisciplinary research conducted in five countries (Cameroon, Indonesia, Laos, Madagascar and Tanzania). In each country, the research was set within the framework of a major national policy thrust.

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Ecosystem Goods and Services from Plantation Forests
Stock Code CIFOR0190, CIFOR 2010 Paperback 254 Pages Price USD 75.00
Ships in:1-2 days

Plantation forests often have a negative image. They are typically assumed to be poor substitutes for natural forests, particularly in terms of biodiversity conservation, carbon storage, provision of clean drinking water and other non-timber goods and services.

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Forests for People : Community Rights and Forest Tenure Reform
Stock Code CIFOR0187, CIFOR 2010 Paperback 263 Pages Price USD 38.00
Ships in:1-2 days

In recent years governments in the South have transferred at least 200 million hectares of forests to communities living in and around them . This book assesses the experience of what appears to be a new international trend that has substantially increased the share of the world's forests under community administration.

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Governing Africa's Forests in a Globalized World
Stock Code CIFOR0144, CIFOR 2009 Paperback 413 Pages Price USD 95.00
Ships in:1-2 days

Many countries around the world are engaged in decentralization processes, and most African countries face serious problems with forest governance, from benefits sharing to illegality and sustainable forest management. This book summarizes experiences to date on the extent and nature of decentralization and its outcomes - most of which suggest an underperformance of governance reforms - and explores the viability of different governance instruments in the context of weak governance and expanding commercial pressures over forests.

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Vital Forest Graphics 2009
Stock Code DEW/1032/NA, UNEP 2009 Paperback 70 Pages Price USD 25.00
Ships in:1-2 days

Forests are not only important for the 1.6 billion people who depend on them for their livelihoods, but for the world’s population at large. Forests play a critical role in the Earth’s life support system, including global carbon and hydrological cycles. The Vital Forest Graphics provides an overview of the global trends in forest cover and looks specifically at the four largest forest ecosystems and analyses the trends and challenges in their conservation and management. It scrutinizes some of the key drivers behind forest loss, including the increasing demand for commodities and energy.

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Lessons From Forest Decentralization
Stock Code CIFOR0122, CIFOR 2008 Paperback 272 pages Price USD 95.00
Ships in:1-2 days

The decentralization of control over the vast forests of the world is moving at a rapid pace, with both positive and negative ramifications for people and forests themselves. The fresh research from a host of Asia-Pacific countries described in this book presents rich and varied experience with decentralization and provides important lessons for other regions.

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Human Health and Forests: A Global Overview of Issues, Practice and Policy
Stock Code CIFOR0121, CIFOR 2008 Paperback 352 Pages Price USD 95.00
Ships in:1-2 days

This book, written for a broad audience, is the first comprehensive introduction to the issues surrounding the health of people living in and around forests, particularly in Asia, South America and Africa.

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The Decentralization of Forest Governance : Politics, Economics and the Fight for Control of Forests in Indonesian Borneo
Stock Code CIFOR0124, CIFOR 2008 Paperback 320 Pages Price USD 120.00
Ships in:1-2 days

This powerful new book from leading experts provides an in-depth account of how trends towards increased local governance are shifting control over natural resource management from the state to local societies, and the implications of this control for social justice and the environment.

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Plant for the Planet : The Billion Tree Campaign
Stock Code DCP/1025/NA, UNEP 2008 Paperback 80 Pages Price USD 15.00
Ships in:1-2 days
This publication can introduce but a fraction of the energy and results inspired by the Campaign. It is intended to convey the range of partners moved to action: from children to giant corporations, from womens groups to technocrats, dancers to diplomats, farmers to national governments. Trees are more significant than many of us might imagine. They commemorate births and lives lived. They beautify slums, farms and grand avenues. They provide shade, oxygen, and delight. They cool the Earth.
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