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United Nations Environment Programme
Established in 1972, works to encourage sustainable development through sound environmental practices everywhere. Its activities cover a wide range of issues, from atmosphere and terrestrial ecosystems, the promotion of environmental science and information, to an early warning and emergency response capacity to deal with environmental disasters and emergencies.
Website: www.unep.org
Climate in Peril : a popular guide to the latest IPCC reports
Stock Code 3765, UNEP 2009 Paperback 60 pages Price USD 20.00
Ships in:1-2 days

The purpose of this guide is to increase understanding about the urgency of action to combat climate change and its impacts. Written by the British journalist Alex Kirby and complemented by a team of experts of GRID-Arendal and GENFSEC, two organizations specialized in the popularization of scientific information, the booklet contains easily understandable texts and 40 mostly original maps and graphics, based on the Fourth Assessment Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2007.

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Global Environment Outlook 4 (GEO-4) : Environment for Development - English Edition
Stock Code DEW/0962/NA, UNEP 2007 Paperback 540 pages Price USD 40.00
Ships in:1-2 days
The fourth report in the Global Environment Outlook (GEO) series from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) provides a comprehensive, scientifically credible, policy-relevant and up-to-date assessment of, and outlook for, the state of the global environment. GEO-4 is published 20 years after the landmark World Commission on Sustainable Development report - Our Common Future.
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Environmental Assessment of Ogoniland
Stock Code DEP/1337/GE, UNEP 2011 Paperback 257 Pages Price USD 40.00
Ships in:1-2 days

The environmental restoration of Ogoniland could prove to be the world's most wide-ranging and long term oil clean-up exercise according to the Environmental Assessment of Ongoniland released by the United Nations Environement Programme (UNEP). 

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Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation
Stock Code IPCC0114, UNEP 2012 Paperback 582 Pages Price USD 72.00
Ships in:1-2 days

The Special Report on Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation (SREX) was approved and accepted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on 18 November 2011 in Kampala, Uganda. SREX integrates expertise in climate science, disaster risk management, and adaptation to inform discussions on how to reduce and manage the risks of extreme events and disasters in a changing climate.

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Kick the Habit: A UN Guide to Climate Neutrality
Stock Code DCP/1052/GE, UNEP 2008 Paperback 200 pages Price USD 18.00
Ships in:1-2 days

UNEP has prepared KICK THE HABIT: A UN Guide to Climate Neutrality, to show how we can get closer to climate neutrality on the various levels of our society. It is written by experts from many disciplines and various countries, with leading research organizations involved in preparing and reviewing the publication. Kick the Habit: A UN Guide to Climate Neutrality is aimed at a broad audience, and it presents solutions for individuals, businesses, cities and countries plus other groups that have similar characteristics such as NGO and intergovernmental organizations. The book is rich in case studies, illustrations, maps and graphics and serves also as reference publication.

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Elephants in the Dust - The African Elephant Crisis
Stock Code 4071, UNEP 2013 Paperback 77 Pages Price USD 27.00
Ships in:1-2 days

The African elephant, the largest remaining land mammal on the planet, is facing the greatest crisis in decades. Reports of mass elephant killings in the media vividly illustrate the situation across many African elephant range States. This Rapid Response Assessment provides an overview of the current state of the African elephant alongside recommendations for action to ensure its protection.

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South Africa 2010 Report : FIFA World Cup
Stock Code 4033, UNEP 2012 Paperback 110 Pages Price USD 30.00
Ships in:1-2 days

UNEP Evaluation of 2010 World Cups Green Performance Shows South Africa Successes and Way Forward for Brazil. The actual footprint was 1.65 million Tonnes of CO2 equivalent, compared to a projection of 2.64 million. 


UNEP worked with the South African government through the Green Goal 2010 project to promote initiatives such as cutting the tournament’s carbon footprint, reducing waste and water use, and conserving and enhancing biodiversity. Such initiatives are set to be pushed to the next level in Brazil with the aim of creating truly green events.



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UNEP Year Book 2011: Emerging Issues in our Global Environment - SPANISH
Stock Code DEW/1302/NA, UNEP 2011 Paperback 78 Pages Price USD 10.00
Ships in:1-2 days

The 8th Edition of the UN Environment Programme flagship report, the UNEP Year Book 2011, examines global emerging issues and provides the latest environmental science.

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Paving the Way for Sustainable Consumption and Production : The Marrakech Process Progress Report
Stock Code DTI/1394/PA, UNEP 2011 Paperback 104 Pages Price USD 25.00
Ships in:1-2 days

This report provides an insight into the diverse activities that have been undertaken by the Marrakech Process during the last eight years, providing highlights and lessons learned from the work of its thematic task forces, and progress at the regional and national levels.

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The Last Stand of the Gorilla - Environmental Crime and Confict in the Congo Basin
Stock Code 3833, UNEP 2010 Paperback 86 Pages Price USD 30.00
Ships in:1-2 days

Gorillas, the largest of the great apes, are under renewed threat across the Congo Basin from Nigeria to the Albertine Rift: poaching for bushmeat, loss of habitat due to agricultural expansion, degradation of habitat from logging, mining and charcoal production are amongst these threats, in addition to natural epidemics such as ebola and the new risk of diseases passed from humans to gorillas.

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Global Biodiversity Outlook 3
Stock Code 3834, UNEP 2010 Paperback 94 Pages Price USD 40.00
Ships in:1-2 days

Natural systems that support economies, lives and livelihoods across the planet are at risk of rapid degradation and collapse unless there is swift, radical and creative action to conserve and sustainably use the variety of life on Earth.

The third edition of Global Biodiversity Outlook (GBO-3), produced by the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), confirms that the world has failed to meet its target to achieve a significant reduction in the rate of biodiversity loss by 2010. This Outlook shows that efforts to date have not been sufficient to reduce significantly the rate of biodiversity loss and analyses why.

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Mainstreaming Poverty-Environment Linkages into Development Planning : A Handbook for Practitioners
Stock Code DRC/1084/NA, UNEP 2009 Paperback 118 Pages Price USD 50.00
Ships in:1-2 days

This handbook is designed to serve as a guide for champions and practitioners engaged in the painstaking task of mainstreaming poverty-environment linkages into national development planning.

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