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Earthprint library
The Earthprint library contains key environmental titles from a range of publishers, these best-selling publications which will be of interest to the majority of Earthprint customers. This area also holds environment related titles from smaller NGO's or organisations with a few environment titles.
Viewpoints Africa’s future can Biosciences Contribute
Stock Code BANSON002, Banson books 2014 Paperback Price USD 15.00
Ships in:1-2 days

The 15 short essays in Viewpoints, building on those in Insights, were commissioned to examine the implementation of biosciences for farming in Africa (www.B4FA.org). The essays are eclectic and personal, sharply focused and intended to inform decision-makers whether relaxing on long-haul flights, or in deepest deliberation with colleagues.

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Insights Africas future - can biosciences contribute ?
Stock Code 4053, Banson 2013 Paperback 136 Pages Price USD 15.00
Ships in:1-2 days

By 2050 the world’s population will rise to 9 billion. To satisfy demand, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has predicted that food production will need to increase by 70 per cent. Meanwhile, land and water resources are increasingly being degraded and depleted, which has serious implications for developing countries, and in particular for the African continent.

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Agriculture & Food Science Research Summaries
Stock Code NOVA003, Nova Science 2013 Hardback Price USD 146.00
Ships in:3-4 days

This book is a continuation of the book Agriculture and Food Science Researcher Biographical Sketches and Research Summaries which compiles biographical sketches of top professionals in the field of agriculture and food science research, as well as research summaries from a number of different focuses in this important field.

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Ice Sheets - Dynamics, Formation & Environmental Concerns
Stock Code NOVA022, Nova Science 2013 Hardback 212 Pages Price USD 120.00
Ships in:3-4 days

Ice sheets as vast accumulations of frozen water on land are a direct expression of energy distribution on our planet. They form from the interplay of intensive accumulation of frozen water and insufficient melt during the summer. They define global sea-level and affect the geochemical composition of the ocean. This book presents current research in the study of the dynamics, formation and environmental concerns relating to ice sheets.

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Climate Change And The Oceans - Gauging the Legal and Policy Currents in the Asia Pacific and Beyond
Stock Code EE163, Edward Elgar 2013 Hardback 296 Pages Price USD 115.00
Ships in:3-4 days

Climate Change and the Oceans investigates the effects of climate change on the ocean environment and its implications for maritime activities, both globally and within the Asia Pacific region.

This detailed work draws together informed opinion from a range of disciplines to examine the impacts of climate change on marine and coastal areas and review legal and policy responses to the rapidly changing ocean environment.

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Nature and Culture - Rebuilding Lost Connections
Stock Code ROUT016, Routledge 2013 Paperback 296 Pages Price USD 45.00
Ships in:3-4 days

There is a growing recognition that the diversity of life comprises both biological and cultural diversity. But this division is not universal and, in many cases, has been deepened by the common disciplinary divide between the natural and social sciences and our apparent need to manage and control nature.

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Handbook of Disaster Policies and Institutions - Improving Emergency Management and Climate Change Adaptation, 2nd Edition
Stock Code ROUT015, Routledge 2013 Paperback 216 Pages Price USD 55.00
Ships in:3-4 days

Disasters both natural and human-induced are leading to spiralling costs in terms of human lives, lost livelihoods and damaged assets and businesses. Yet these consequences and the financial and human crises that follow catastrophes can often be traced to policies unsuited to the emerging scales of the problems they confront, and the lack of institutional capacity to implement planning and prevention or to manage disasters.

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Global Forest Governance
Stock Code EE157, Edward Elgar 2013 Hardback 384 Pages Price USD 140.00
Ships in:3-4 days

Global Forest Governance provides insightful legal analysis of the current key policy trends and the challenges surrounding international forest regulation.

This book identifies the fundamental legal principles and the governance requirements of sustainable forest management. An analytical model for assessing forest regulation is created which identifies the doctrinal concepts that underpin forest regulation (justice, property, sovereignty and governance).

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Climate Change And Indigenous Peoples - The Search for Legal Remedies
Stock Code EE158, Edward Elgar 2013 Hardback 616 Pages Price USD 220.00
Ships in:1 week
This timely volume explores the ways in which indigenous peoples across the world are challenged by climate change impacts, and discusses the legal resources available to confront those challenges.Indigenous peoples occupy a unique niche within the climate justice movement, as many indigenous communities live subsistence lifestyles that are severely disrupted by the effects of climate change
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Sustainable Business - Theory and Practice of Business under Sustainability Principles
Stock Code EE159, Edward Elgar 2013 Hardback 304 Pages Price USD 110.00
Ships in:3-4 days

Recent surveys of international CEOs confirm that companies increasingly see sustainability as critical to their business strategy. The rigorous academic framework for the field of sustainable business required to respond to this need is now emerging. This book presents important new work in the theory of the sustainable firm, in the application of sustainability principles to key management disciplines, in sustainable business in practice, and in the international challenges that are critical to sustainability demands.

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Environmental Protection, Security And Armed Conflict
Stock Code EE160, Edward Elgar 2013 Hardback 288 Pages Price USD 110.00
Ships in:3-4 days

This book explores environmental protection relevant to security and armed conflict from a sustainable development perspective. The author details how at each stage of the armed conflict life cycle, policy, law and enforcement have fallen short of the sustainable development model and concludes with a set of suggestions for how to address this pressing concern.

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International Law And Freshwater - The Multiple Challenges
Stock Code EE161, Edward Elgar 2013 Hardback 488 Pages Price USD 195.00
Ships in:3-4 days

The issues surrounding water embody some of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. The editors of this timely book have brought together the leading authors in the field to explore the key questions involving international law and water governance.

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