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United Nations Environment Programme
Established in 1972, works to encourage sustainable development through sound environmental practices everywhere. Its activities cover a wide range of issues, from atmosphere and terrestrial ecosystems, the promotion of environmental science and information, to an early warning and emergency response capacity to deal with environmental disasters and emergencies.
Website: www.unep.org
Paving the Way for Sustainable Consumption and Production : The Marrakech Process Progress Report
Stock Code DTI/1394/PA, UNEP 2011 Paperback 104 Pages Price USD 25.00
Ships in:1-2 days

This report provides an insight into the diverse activities that have been undertaken by the Marrakech Process during the last eight years, providing highlights and lessons learned from the work of its thematic task forces, and progress at the regional and national levels.

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Integrated Assessment of the Impact of Trade Liberalization : A Country Study Viet Nam Rice Sector
Stock Code DTI/0536/PA, UNEP 2005 Paperback 80 pages Price USD 20.00
Ships in:1-2 days
This report prents an integrated assessment of the impacts of trade liberalization on the rice sector of Viet Nam. The assessment was supported by UNEP and carried out in 2002 & 2003 by an interdisciplinary team that involved members of various Vietanmese Agricultural Universities and Research Institutes.
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Integrated Assessment of the Impact of Trade Liberalization A Country Study Indonesian Sector
Stock Code DTI/0534/PA, UNEP 2005 Paperback 72 pages Price USD 20.00
Ships in:1-2 days
This study is an integrated assessment of the economic, social and environmental impacts of the WTO, AoA and other trade-related policies on the rice sector, and it makes use of a variety of methodologies, including and Input-Output table to determine the backward and forward industry linkages, different valuations of environmental, social and econonic costs and benifits.
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Integrated Assessment of the Impact of Trade Liberalization A Country Study Nigerian Rice Sector
Stock Code DTI/0535/PA, UNEP 2005 Paperback 86 pages Price USD 20.00
Ships in:1-2 days
This project highlights the need for further studies on trade effects and domestic production policies on agricultural output in Nigeria
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The Trade and Environmental Effects of Ecolabels : Assessment and Response
Stock Code DTI/0756/GE, UNEP 2005 Paperback 44 pages Price USD 10.00
Ships in:1-2 days

The report researches the trade and environmental effects of ecolabels through a literature review and includes five case studies of specific labels. It reveals data limitation of identifying these effects and sets out further research and multistakeholder exchange that is required to support design and application of ecolables which support sustainable development. The interaction between trade and environmental policies, and public policies and market forces are examined in some depth.

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