About Earthprint

Earthprint.com is the Official On-line Academic Bookstore for the University of London (International Programmes), the United Nations (UNEP, UNESCO, IPCC etc) and is also an on-line General Academic Books store for Undergraduate and Post-Graduate students and the general public. With our comprehensive, easy to use search engine, ultra-secure payment protocols (SSL encryption), Global Distribution and Free State of the Art tracking system, we are in total control of the whole pathway from purchase to delivery, thereby providing absolute service assurance to our customers, no matter where they are in the World.

Additionally, with 15 years’ experience in over 150 countries, we also offer one of the most sophisticated and cost-effective services available to libraries and educational institutions and have links with all European, American, Eastern and Asian publishing houses, so providing a book is in print, we can supply it!

If not in stock, books ordered usually take 2-4 days to be sourced and books that have to be sourced from overseas can take a few days longer.

If your order is for a single book this will be sent to you as soon as it is picked from stock or arrives from the publisher or distributor, if you have ordered multiple books we will consolidate the order once all your books have arrived and dispatch the parcel or parcels by your chosen shipping method.

If for any reason we are informed of a delay, for example if a book ordered is undergoing a reprint, we will send you an e-mail to inform you of the situation as soon as we become aware.

We do recommend the use of our courier service for customers in hard to reach locations or where the mail service is unreliable. Our courier rates are very competitive and offer free tracking.

EP Global Distribution, operating under the umbrella of Earthprint.com, undertakes our worldwide distribution, meaning we are in total control of the whole process from purchase to delivery, with FREE tracking, giving total security and assurance to our customers

University Partners

For our University Partners, The University of London, we provide;

  • Easy Web Search, by course, subject, ISBN or name/author
  • Unique student discounts
  • Competitive pricing
  • Secure on-line Payment
  • Guaranteed Global and UK delivery, by courier with FREE Tracking

Global Reach

Since 1999 Earthprint, as well as undertaking all the distribution for our United Nations partners, has been the official online bookshop for many of the United Nations agencies and as well as taking on other prominent initiatives for major international organizations and NGO’s across the world. We have become the warehouse location for official UN publications and the onward Global Distribution of these publications. Through our integrated logistics approach; sourcing, purchasing, warehousing, picking and packing, shipping, distribution and tracking, we now control and fulfill all orders from our North of London warehouse, combing a secure, reliable and highly efficient service to customers and clients alike.

‘Out of Print’ books are generally not able to be sourced by Earthprint but we can advise on other additions. Generally speaking if a book is out of print them most academic courses will advise on taking a later edition or a specific replacement book.

For any Questions

For any questions about how to order or your order status? Please contact:

Earthprint Books Ltd
Cavendish House
Cavendish Road
Email: Enquiries@earthprint.com

Please be sure to also visit our HELP PAGE HERE

Distribution and Storage

Distribution is one of the core services of our business and we have established a reputation for the efficient, timely and resourceful delivery of publications all around the world. We operate from warehouse facilities in Stevenage, England, which are designed especially for the storage of books with an established electronic stock control system. We recognise that every consignment needs to be accurately picked, perfectly packed and arrive on time.

Through our extensive global contacts we can arrange collection from any location worldwide and ship by air, sea or road to either our warehouse or a requested location. We have a long track record of meeting deadlines and regularly use our expertise to make recommendations as to the best means for delivery. Each consignment is handled with maximum efficiency and a very high level of customer care. We have recognised capabilities in ‘difficult’ destinations and with our documentation checks can often save clients considerable sums in customs and import duties.


Earthprint is also a leading export bookseller and library supplier. With 25 years experience in over 150 countries, we offer one of the most sophisticated and cost-effective services available to libraries and educational institutions. We have links with all European, American and Asian publishing houses, so providing a book is in print we can supply it!

Earthprint’s streamlined approach to business and bespoke logistics systems keeps overheads down. This integrated approach coupled with the excellent support from publishing houses and distributors, results in competitively priced books, coupled with the best distribution charges, represent substantial cost savings for our book buying and distribution partners.

Environmental Policy

Our distribution policy aims to reduce our carbon footprint. We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our working practices through continual review of our operations and products. We see this as on ongoing process and regularly review our activities. We subscribe to the following principles in our pursuit of sustainable development:

Employee Awareness
All our Team are committed to ensuring that their working practices are as environmentally sound as possible. From only printing e-mails when absolutely necessary to recycling as many office bi-products as they can and we provide information and appropriate training for all staff.

When purchasing or outsourcing we look closely at our supplier’s environmental credentials and base our decisions on these activities as well as operational and financial criteria. Through doing this we hope to raise awareness of the importance of our environmental procedures and goals to all our stakeholders. We actively pursue open dialogue on environmental issues with our stakeholders at both national and international level.

We integrate environmental considerations into our core business activities. Environmental considerations are central factors in our investment decision, and we integrate sustainable development considerations into our corporate decision-making process. Therefore our environmental distribution policy means observing the mode of delivery in relation to client requirements and the environment i.e. for larger shipments we deliver by sea freight rather than by air, in order to deliver by the most environmentally friendly means possible. We regularly review our suppliers to ensure that they are doing what they can to help create an environmentally sound distribution policy.

We encourage responsible use, re-use and recycling of our products. We use the minimum packaging required in order to deliver our publications to customers in the best condition possible. This means that packages are as light as possible, which lowers carbon emissions during transportation, and that there is less packaging to be disposed off once it has arrived at its destination. We aim to reduce our waste as much as possible and to promote the recovery; recycling and reuse of our products by helping our customers understand the environmental effects of our products throughout their life cycle.

We respect our publisher’s environmental policies and endeavour to co-operate with them in order to ensure that we follow their policies as closely as possible and promote environmentally friendly methods to them. We also engage with our partners in effective and transparent communication. We operate in accordance with our corporate values and our principles of good business practice, carry out our operations responsibly and develop them in long-term cooperation with our partners.